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All the world's a masquerade


I bought a pretty raggedy vintage hat from this one shop and tried restoring it. So of course, coord time!

(I didn’t actually get out of the house today. Life is sad, but relaxing at least.)

Skirt: Victorian Maiden
Blouse: Infanta (taobao)
Hat: vintage (thrifted)
Tights: Taobao
Shoes: Cobb Hill
Necklace and comb: handmade

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i made this shitty quick powerpoint about why you should read and/or watch novala takemotos kamikaze girls because like nobody has read and watched kamikaze girls and its incredible. you should be reading this book or watching the movie. or both. theyre both great. seriously.

you can actually watch the movie (in six parts, this is like the best one on the internet sorry) right here now you have a link and no excuse please please please watch kamikaze girls!! 

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